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Few things can create an atmosphere as quickly as music. It directly touches your feelings and put you in a certain mood. We notice it clearly at Orlo when we meet with potential customers. No sale pitch in the world beats a sound demo. Instantly we understand each other and focus can be put on how to provide the best solution.

If you work with a brand and want to add sound as a new component, or maybe already have audio products in your portfolio and want to add more - contact us at Orlo. We have helped several brands with unique solutions that you can read more about below.

  • When WeSC wanted to develop a new loudspeaker product they went to Orlo. The product was developed on Orlo's proprietary audio platform "Vibe by Orlo".
  • exempel-pa-orlo-cab-installerad-i-badrumsmobel-fra-aspen
  • Orlo CAB perfekt för inbyggnad i Badrumsskåp.

Aspen bathroom furniture

Aspen raised their bathroom furniture to new heights.

When Orlo came in contact with the Swedish bathroom brand Aspen early 2014 they already had a sound solution for their bathroom mirrors. They wanted to raise the level of the sound and also have a more flexible solution that could be fit in more types of cabinets. After Aspen listened to some of Orlos variety of audio platforms, Aspen understood that Orlo could be the future partners that they needed to produce a big sound from relatively small speaker. .

Agreement was written, and work began on developing a new Orlo product directly adapted for installation in the cabinet. After the development of electronics, tool making, verification, validation and industrialization, we could ship the first orders before Christmas 2014.

Orlo supplies to Aspen since then, and help their customers to enhance the bathroom throughout the Nordic region. Read more at Aspen's website here.


A portable speakers with attitude.

Orlo came into contact with the Swedish streetwear company WeSC (We are the Superlative Conspiracy) early 2013. Apart from their clothes they had made great success with their colourful headphones, and now wanted to move on with more Audio products. After a couple of meetings and a first prototype, it was decided to build the product as a portable BT speaker around the design concept "The Speaker Cap" - a representation of the nozzle of a graffiti spray can. A speaker with attitude and in lots of colours.

The development was made on Orlo's electro-acoustic platform "Vibes by Orlo" and was price optimised to max. The mechanics was developed by Orlo and production was set up in Malaysia. At Christmas 2013 the product was ready and was presented at the CES in Las Vegas January 2014.

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When WeSC wanted to develop a new loudspeaker product they went to Orlo. The product was developed on Orlo's proprietary audio platform
Orlo CAB inbyggd på The Winery Hotel

Hotel & Conference

Surveys show that almost all hotel visitors appreciate the opportunity to be able to listen to music from good speakers in the hotel room.


Home & Office

Install your Orlo CAB built-in speakers wherever you want without risking the sound quality. A built-in speaker is always ready to play whenever you want.

Caravan & boat

The speakers do not take much space and can be placed virtually anywhere in your boat, caravan or motor home without the sound quality deteriorates.

Aspen by Orlo

Your brand

Orlo has since 2009 helped companies to develop speakers for their own brands. "Private label".

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