Hearing is believing

The first Orlo speakers where shown at the Scandinavian Electronics Event (S.E.E) at Stockholmsmässan Älvsjö mid April..

The show was long awaited by the Swedish electronics business and we had great response from a lot of tech-oriented and audio interested people. We had the pleasure to be invited to display our product models in one of our supplier’s booth (Maxim Semiconductor).

The Orlo speakers gives you portability through our travel case shown above, fantastic design and outstanding bass performance and clarity that will easily fulfill your dreams.
At Orlo we develop small speakers with excellent performance and design. This is what really separates us from the big bunch of speakers out there on the market. The Orlo speakers have fantastic bass response that gives the music true body and not just the thin rasping of mainstream speakers that very often claim to have good bass response.
Orlo is developing the first product that will reach the market summer of 2010. If you are interested in great sound from small portable speakers – make sure to follow us!