Built in speakers

Orlo CAB is a complete wireless sound system, developed and manufactured in Sweden.

The speakers have a controlled acoustic ensuring superb quality sound with deep bass regardless of whether they are installed, in a kitchen cupboard, headboard, desk, ceiling or behind a wall decoration.
From 250Euro inkl. tax.

"The sound from a pair of Orlo CAB is astoundingly good" Magnus Fredlund Hemmabio No:10

The newspaper Hemmabio "Orlo CAB test"

  • Inbyggnadshögtalare för 12V-24 Volts installationer, går att bygga in i klädskåp eller andra typer av skåp, tak och väggar.
  • Orlo CAB built-in desk.
  • Orlo CAB built-in white desk, close-up.
  • Orlo Cab inbyggnadshögtaalre inbyggade i massivt ASK kabinett,
  • Inbyggnadshögtalaren Orlo CAB
  • Inbyggnadshögtalare med "Ljudet från ett par Orlo CAB är förbluffande bra" Magnus Fredlund Hemmabion nr:10
  • Inbyggnadshögtalare Orlo CAB i kök

Unique advantages

Orlo CAB is an active wireless built-in speaker that can be built into virtually anything, while maintaining the sound quality.

The reason for this lies in the speaker's unique cabinet where we have created a controlled acoustic by a very well-made mechanical design.

The advantage of the acoustics are controlled in the cabinet is that the space you choose to place the speaker in does not affect the sound quality. IP 44 rating and optional 12 / 24VDC power supply makes it possible to build them in the bathroom or kitchen, whether it's in your house, caravan, camper or boat.

Please read more about the speakers in the magazine Hemmabion "Orlo CAB test"

Complete sound

Orlo CAB delivers detailed sound with unique bass in relation to its size.

The base is genuine and stable much lower in frequency than any other competitor with the same bin size.

The speakers play from 70Hz all the way in the hearing area and with a maximum volume of 89dBA at 1m. Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) >. The fundamental frequencies of speech, beat and tone instruments are between 60Hz-400Hz, which gives the sound stability and body. Absence of bass (<100Hz) is typical for small speakers and makes them sound thin and cold.


The speakers can be ordered with frame and grille in different colors, white / silver, white / white, black / silver, black / black, and clockwise or without auxiliary input. With the optional AUX input (see picture), it is easy to connect your audio player via the audio cable or for example with a Google Chromecast Audio or similar.


› A complete audio system for integration with loudspeakers, amplifiers, wireless operation, power cable - all in one!

› Designed, developed and manufactured in Sweden

› Easy installation and mounting of the grid from the front manual attached for more detail

› Dimensions (W x H x D) = 233 x 80 x 32 mm. The circular baffle area, where the speaker driver is mounted and that goes through the surface you mount the speakers behind, is 75 mm in diameter and protrudes 12 mm from the rest of the body.

› Color options on the frame / grille: white / silver, white / white, black / silver, black / black.

› Optional auxiliary input, With AUX input, it is easy to connect your audio player via the audio cable or for example with a Google Chromecast audio or the like.

Price 250 Euro including VAT. Alternatively, the AUX input. Price 260 Euro including VAT.

Do you want to know more?

If you have questions, or want to make an inquiry, ordering, etc., please contact us by telephone +46 706 791210, by e-mail: info@orlo.se or via our contact form contact.

Orlo CAB test

"Active speakers -With many opportunities. A small speaker, an even smaller grid, and still sounds really good!" Hemmabion No: 10


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