High-quality built-in speakers

Orlo CAB is designed to fit in all kinds of cabinets and tables, but it also works great to build into a ceiling, wall or behind a disc.

Orlo are known to produce speakers with great sound and great bass in relatively small speakers

"The sound of a couple Orlo CAB is astoundingly good". Magnus Fredlund , Hemmabio, nr. 10 2016

Orlo CAB

Orlo CAB is a complete wireless audio system for installation, Orlo CAB are developed and manufactured in Sweden.

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Orlo CAB inbyggnadshögtalare med galler alternativ

Orlo CAB 12-24VDC

Orlo CAB 12V is a komplete wireless lighting system specifically designed for mobile homes, caravans or boats.

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Examples of different installations and ideas that might suit you. The combinations are many, it's just your imagination.