Hotel & Conference

Custom wireless speaker for hotel rooms, offices and conference rooms.

Today people look more and more on their own laptop, tablett or smartphone than on TV. A computer or tablett is used when holding a presentation, which often has video or sound content.

Because of this we have developed the Orlo CAB speaker for versatile installation in a hotel rooms, conference tables, sound absorbers, cupboards, walls or ceilings. Or in a nice looking cabinet as in the pictures to the right. You connect via Bluetooth or via AUX input (option).

"The sound from a pair of Orlo CAB speakers is amazingly good"

The Magazin HemmaBion nr10 test Orlo CAB

  • Inbyggnadshögtalare för 12V-24 Volts installationer, går att bygga in i klädskåp eller andra typer av skåp, tak och väggar.
  • The Winery Hotel är Stockholms nya vinhotell. Det är en samlingsplats för finsmakare och vinkännare inspirerad av Brooklyn och Toscana. Hundra av hotellets rum har försetts med trådlösa ljudsystem från ORLO.
  • Inbyggnadshögtalare för Hotel håller tjuven borta.
  • Orlo CAB inbyggd i akustiktavla för att skapa perfekt ljudmiljö.
  • Närbild på Orlo CAB Galler Vit/Silver.
  • Orlo Cab inbyggnadshögtaalre inbyggade i massivt ASK kabinett,
  • exempel-pa-orlo-cab-installerad-i-badrumsmobel-fra-aspen
  • Orlo CAB perfekt för inbyggnad i Badrumsskåp.

Orlo CAB

Built-in speakers especially adapted for hotels, designed so that max volume, Bluetooth name and pin code can be customized according to the hotel's requirement.

Does it look small? - Don't worry. This speaker has a full body sound image and plays down to 70 Hz. Connection is made wirelessly via Bluetooth and it can be programmed with a unique pin code in order to prevent unwarranted use of speakers in neighboring rooms. Also the device name showing up in your device and max volume can be customized, all which is essential for proper functionality in a Hotel. The product's unique design enables installation in basically any cupboard, bed headboard, furniture, wall or ceiling, without affecting the sound quality or characteristics.


Custom speaker for conference rooms

Orlo CAB is a complete wireless sound system intended for built in use. It is designed, developed and produced in Sweden.

The speakers have controlled acoustics which secures an astonishing sound quality with deep bass regardless of how they are installed. Build Orlo CAB into your conference table, wall, ceiling or why not into a sound absorber?

Connect all your devices via Bluetooth or via the AUX input (option). If you have need for more speakers in one room, they can be connected by wire or alternatively by Google Chromecast Audio or similar solution.


Hotel room benifits

Some good reasons why the Orlo CAB is the superior choice.

Sound quality issue? - No! It has extremely good sound characteristics with good bass performance and without the need for a subwoofer.

Disturbing neighbors? - No need. The option is offered of limiting the maximum volume to fit hotel requirements.

Playing on neighbor's speaker by mistake? - A unique/random pin code prevents this. A neighbor will not be able to connect to your speaker.

Speakers spoiling the room design? They can easily be built into cupboards, tables, wall art, or in any other nice way. They are only 33 mm thick behind a 12 mm thick front surface!

Thefts? - Not easily! We can surely understand people would want it, but being built into something makes it very protected compared to loose desktop speakers.

Sustainable? - No wear and tear since it is built in and it has no cables that can break since it has wireless connection.


Hotel & Conference

Surveys show that almost all hotel visitors appreciate the opportunity to be able to listen to music from good speakers in the hotel room. bra högtalare på hotellrummet.

Home & Office

Install your Orlo CAB built-in speakers wherever you want without risking the sound kvalién. A built-in speaker is always ready to play whenever you want.

Caravan & boat

The speakers do not take much space and can be placed virtually anywhere in your boat, caravan or motor home without the sound quality deteriorates.

Aspen by Orlo

Your brand

Orlo has since 2009 helped companies to develop speakers for their own brands. "Private label".

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