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1Do the speakers AUX input?
By default, the peaker has no AUX input, but you can get AUX input (3.5mm) as an option.
Artikel nr:
11211-121 Orlo CAB aux, white frame / silver grille.
11212-121 Orlo CAB aux, white frame / white grille.
11213-121 Orlo CAB aux, black frame / silver grille.
11214-121 Orlo CAB aux, black frame / black grille.
2What type of power source to use?
Orlo CAB speaker supports as standard 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. It is possible to get 12-24 VDC as alternative.
Artikel nr:
11221 Orlo CAB, 12V, white frame / silver grille
11222 Orlo CAB, 12V, white frame / white grille
11223 Orlo CAB, 12V, black frame / silver grille
11224 Orlo CAB, 12V, black frame / black grille
3What type of wireless technology is used?
Bluetooth, BT Classic v4 with A2DP streaming. Bluetooth can be compared with a wireless USB. It is available on all platforms (smartphones from all manufacturers, PC, Mac, etc.) and are here to stay. Today Bluetooth is the fastest and eseats wierlees standard to play musik from a device. It allows you to connect in sekonds and play your musik without having to set up lots of things.
4How do I mount the speakers?
You can do it easily with enclosed screws. You should not pull them too tight, just so that the speakers do not risk to rattle. A hole for the baffle (the round pertruding part where the speaker driver is) you make easily with a holesaw and drilling machine. A complete instruction can be found underösningar/home-office.
5Do you sell to end users?
Please contact us and we will help you to connect with a reseller! Please contact or +46 706 791210 and we will help you.