About Orlo

Orlo is a Swedish privately owned company that specializes in developing high-quality audio products.

The products are sold as Orlo or we develop and produce for other companies and brands, so-called "Private label". Common to all Orlo products is our proprietary and unique audio platform "Vibes by Orlo". This platform can deliver an extremely high quality sound for its compact size and an adjustable sound profile that matches all types of environments.


Audio for you!

The foundation of Orlo is that we are passionate about sound, and to see you happy when you listen!

To create the best possible sound from small and medium-sized speaker is a great challenge that we are expert at. It need not be big and bulky to sound good! And what is good sound? - For us it is a complete sound picture where you can not compromise on the base even if a speaker is small.

We work with the latest technology, with a strong design identity and believe that quality pays. We are sitting on very large combined expertise to develop and produce cost-effective speaker that makes you happy!

Who are we?

We are a group sound interested people with a strong desire to deliver great sound to everyone at a reasonable cost. The team consists of a unique combination of people with long experience in electronics, industrial design, mechanical engineering, industrialization and high-volume production.
Orlo has been around since 2009 and is based in Malmo with offices and production facilities in Lund.

What do we do?

Orlo develops high performing spirit speakers from scratch, producing in Sweden and deliver box-ready. We work with both corporate clients and private customers.
Are you a brand owner and are looking to develop a speaker solution in your brand - talk with us! We help you all the way from idea to finished product.