Caravan & boat

Wireless speakers specially adapted for installation in tight spaces.

Want music in your caravan, camper, sail or motorboat then Orlo CAB is a perfect choice, a combination of the Bluetooth speaker simplicity, the built-in speakers invisibility and without risk of injury to you or speaker of mistakes when using the cabinet as they are installed in.

CAB is designed to be installed in confined spaces such as cabinets, tables, closets and other storage areas without the sound quality is affected.

"A small speaker, an even smaller grid, and still sounds really good!"Magazin Hemmabion nr:10.

Recessed wireless speaker that blends into the decor.

Install them in your boat, caravan etc. and enjoy a really good sound with deep bass from your "invisible" speakers.

Orlo CAB is easy to build into tight spaces, it can be placed in a box, closet, desk or behind a wall decoration without you risk damaging your hand when trying to reach for what you look for.

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Installation of Orlo CAB.

It's never been easier to install a built-in speaker!

When you install a Orlo CAB you need a 75mm hole cutter, ruler and a screwdrier. Measure where you want the center of the speaker grill and make sure that the whole speaker box can fit *.

Use your hole cutter for the hole, attach the speaker from behind with the supplied screws. Install a plug or hire an electrician for a permanent connection..

*The speaker box can be placed upright, upside down or on its side.

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Hotel & Conference

Surveys show that almost all hotel visitors appreciate the opportunity to be able to listen to music from good speakers in the hotel room. bra högtalare på hotellrummet.

Home & Office

Install your Orlo CAB built-in speakers wherever you want without risking the sound kvalién. A built-in speaker is always ready to play whenever you want.

Caravan & boat

The speakers do not take much space and can be placed virtually anywhere in your boat, caravan or motor home without the sound quality deteriorates.

Aspen by Orlo

Your brand

Orlo has since 2009 helped companies to develop speakers for their own brands. "Private label".

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