Built-in speakers

All sound installations have different requirements depending on the application. We help you to a complete solution.

Built-in speakers

Orlo CAB is a complete wireless audio system developed and manufactured in Sweden. The speakers has a controlled acoustic ensuring superb sound quality no matter where they are installed.

Hotel & Conference

Surveys show that almost all hotel visitors appreciate the opportunity to be able to listen to music from good speakers in the hotel room.

Home & Office

Install your Orlo CAB built-in speakers wherever you want without risking the sound kvalién. A built-in speaker is always ready to play whenever you want.

Caravan & boat

The speakers do not take much space and can be placed virtually anywhere in your boat, caravan or motor home without the sound quality deteriorates.

Aspen by Orlo

Your brand

Orlo has since 2009 helped companies to develop speakers for their own brands. "Private label".

Sound - how does it work?

Orlo has extensive experience in cost-effective sound design. Here you can learn more about sound and what challenges is to get good sound from compact audio systems.