Vibes by Orlo

Orlos egenutvecklade ljudplattform "Wibes By Orlo"

Orlos egenutvecklade ljudplattform "Wibes By Orlo"

Orlo knows sound…good sound…sound anywhere, on the go, in your home, at work, in a hotel room or conference room to mention a few places.

We can make it big or make it small. However, Orlo’s main focus area and unique expertise is in creating great sound from small, compact loudspeakers with a volume of 0.1 to 4 liters. To this day, we haven’t come across any other speakers that can beat Orlo’s sound quality in this segment. That’s why we created “Vibes by Orlo”, a quality mark that ensures customers that the speaker contains Orlo’s unique Audio Platform.
Orlo’s Business ModelOrlo Branded Products– developed by Orlo– branded and sold by Orlo.
Orlo’s products are sold through selected Audio and Design Retailers and in our Web Shop.
Private Label Products– developed by Orlo– branded and sold by our Business Partners.
This way consumers can feel sure they get the best possible sound on the market while enjoying our Business Partner’s Brand and Design Language. Our Business Partners can focus on their Brand and Distribution while resting assured that they get world leading sound.
What Makes Orlo Unique?

First of all, Orlo’s outstanding Audio Platform that creates an outstanding sound quality with great clarity and rich bass from very compact loudspeakers. This platform contains Orlo’s proprietary software combined with high quality hardware components and special settings. Orlo’s core Audio Platform can be implemented in almost any shape or size by applying customized settings to the audio settings.

Secondly, one of Orlo’s founders/owners and close business partner is Zenit Design, one of Sweden’s top industrial design agencies. This means that Orlo has access to in-house Industrial Design as well as Mechanical Design Specialists who can develop customized design concepts as well as complete production ready products very quickly and with great flexibility during the process to fulfill our customers’ needs.

Orlo also possesses a very high level of Project Management Experience in managing efficient development and industrialization projects with outsourced manufacturing. This ensures a very smooth and effective road from first design concept to volume manufacturing and delivery with very close quality control.