“Our customers are interested in quality in all areas, that’s why we choose Orlo’s wireless speakers in our Superior rooms”, says Jan Söder, responsible for interior decorations at the Winery Hotel. The speaker cabinets for The Winery Hotell are milled from solid ash wood and because of that completely without joints. They naturally blend in with the rest of the room interior.

Orlo develops, manufactures and sell premium products for built in sound. Orlo produce their systems in Sweden.

“We are experts in creating really good sound with deep bass from small speaker enclosures”, says Fredrik Bågenholm, CEO at Orlo.

Orlo started in Malmö, Sweden, 2009 and delivers not only to hotels but also for kitchen and bathroom application, as well as general installation.

Some benefits of Orlo CAB for hotel rooms: 

  • Bluetooth, and no on/off buttons that can break.
  • Very good sound characteristics and full body bass.
  • Option to customize max volume in order to not disturb neighboring rooms.
  • Unique/random pin code for not playing on neighbors speaker by mistake.
  • Not easily stolen due to special adaption to interior, built in or similar.
  • Can easily be built into cupboards, wall decorations or by other ways blend into the interior.
  • Can be delivered built into many different stylish cabinets /your choice) and act as a stand-alone desktop speaker or be hanged up on the wall.